Vita3k: Best PS3 Emulator On Mobile

Vita3k: Best PS3 Emulator On Mobile

This past year, mobile users have been unable to play PS3 games due to a lack of compatible emulators. Vita3K, an excellent PS3 emulator, is now accessible for mobile use, featuring lots of games and compatibility with different phones.

Vita Emulator Requirements For Mobile

There are many game you can play which you can check the playable game list here.

Minimum Requirements

Clock Speed 2.00gbz
PROCESSOR Snapdragon 845
Storage 20GB Free Space
GPUAdreno 630 upward
Android Version 5.0+
Vita3k image
Vita3k: Best PS3 Emulator On Mobile 7

This is a updated version of vita3k which provide what you are searching for such as:

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What is vita3k Emulator

Vita Emulator is an experimental PlayStation Vita emulator for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android. Being able to play ps3 games on mobile is cool but you need to know if your phone can handle it.

Check out playable Vita emulator game

How to use vita3k emulator on mobile phone

Follow this steps to install emulator on your mobile phone:

  1. Download and Install the apk on your phone from vita Emulator site.
  2. After installing it click on open and it will ask you to download 2 files.
  3. Create a profile for the game and then Install a playable game on for the Emulator.
  4. After you download the file then upload both file and you are good to go.
  5. Check the playable game list here.

Type of game you can play on vita Emulator


Currently, the emulator is undergoing great changes to its backend, which are greatly improving compatibility with games. So stay tuned and make our site your favorite site. Thank you.


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