Shadow Guardian HD APK + DATA version 1.0.5 for Android

Shadow Guardian HD APK + DATA version 1.0.5 for Android

In Shadow Guardian HD, embark on a thrilling adventure to uncover ancient relics imbued with incredible power. This version offers exciting modifications for enhanced gameplay.

Game Information

Game NameShadow Guardian
Last Update2023
A game that blends action, adventure, puzzle-solving, and third-person shooting.


Shadow Guardian HD Minimum requirement to play on mobile.

Minimum Ram2gb Ram
ProcessorHello G70 or better
Device version5.0 Upward
All requirements to play the game on mobile.

To enjoy the full Shadow Guardian HD experience on your Android device, you’ll need to download both the Apk and Data files. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Install the Apk file on your Android device.
  2. Extract the Data file (usually in a zip or rar format).
  3. Copy the extracted Data folder to the “Android/obb” directory on your device’s internal storage.
  4. Launch the game and enjoy your adventure as Jason Call!


A great game isn’t just about flashy graphics and exciting gameplay; it’s also about an engaging narrative. Shadow Guardian HD doesn’t disappoint in this department. The game’s story unfolds gradually, revealing intriguing plot twists and memorable characters.

Players must navigate through ancient ruins, employing skills like climbing, jumping, and unlocking traps while collecting clues and items. It’s crucial to avoid organs that can harm or even kill the protagonist, Jason, so caution is paramount. Specific collection items scattered throughout the game boost clearance evaluations, incentivizing thorough exploration. Hidden places offer additional rewards, but locating them requires meticulous scene examination.

Despite its age, this Android game boasts impressive visuals. While most scenes are brightly rendered, some maintain a darker ambiance for added suspense. The graphics and character models are of AAA quality, a testament to Gameloft’s development prowess. The game’s cutscenes provide an immersive experience akin to watching animated sequences, enhancing overall enjoyment.


This adventure game offers fantastic decryption challenges and diverse scenes to explore. From ancient ruins to sunken temples and icy Antarctic landscapes, there’s a wide variety of breathtaking scenery to enjoy. Along the way, you’ll face various adversaries, including mercenaries and potentially even colossal monsters as the game progresses. Get ready for an epic journey filled with exciting encounters and stunning landscapes.

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What is Shadow Guardian HD?

Shadow Guardian HD is an action-adventure game developed by Gameloft.

Which platforms is Shadow Guardian HD available on?

Shadow Guardian HD is primarily available on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android devices.

What is the objective of Shadow Guardian HD?

In Shadow Guardian HD, players embark on an epic journey to uncover ancient mysteries, solve puzzles, and combat enemies in various locations around the globe.

Are there any in-app purchases in Shadow Guardian HD?

Shadow Guardian HD may offer in-app purchases for additional content, such as weapons, upgrades, or cosmetic items. However, this is a mod version.

Can I play Shadow Guardian HD offline?

Yes, Shadow Guardian HD is designed to be playable offline.

Is there a multiplayer mode in Shadow Guardian HD?

No, Shadow Guardian HD focuses on a single-player experience.

What are the system requirements for Shadow Guardian HD?

The system requirements for Shadow Guardian HD may vary depending on the platform and device. Generally, it requires a compatible mobile device with sufficient processing power and storage space to run the game smoothly.

How can I download Shadow Guardian HD?

Shadow Guardian HD can be downloaded from the respective app stores for iOS and Android devices.

Is Shadow Guardian HD suitable for all ages?

Shadow Guardian HD is rated for teens and above due to its intense action sequences and mild violence. Parents may want to review the game content before allowing younger players to access it.


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